What is and what can QUBEdocs offer?

Here is a short video about the general advantages of QUBEdocs, such as automatic documentation and detailed model analyses.

QUBEdocs can be integrated into your TM1 environments as an add-on/plug-in and provides automated documentation of all models

Automate Documentation

Exposes all TM1 object relationships and flows

Visualise model dependencies

Compare models

Increase model value, reduce risk and save money, all without wasting your developers┬┤ valuable time on documenting work

TM1’s power often equals complexity.


Limited visibility.

  • It is impossible to map and visualise your Planning Analytics model data by hand
  • Documentation is important, but not often a priority
  • Higher risk due to longer down times from programming errors


  • Confusion around model changes
  • Supporting the model is dependent on accessing the personnel who built it
  • The smallest changes are hard to find without a map

Poor accountability

  • Difficult to report on progress
  • Reporting takes up significant team time and resources
  • Making use of data for additional inteligence is challenging

Unlock the true power of TM1

QUBEdocs visuallises your Planning Analytics model and simplifies the way you interact with its complex data.

With QUBEdocs you gain full visibility of your Planning Analytics model at every data level


View your whole model environment, cut through the complexity of your models, and find new ways to create business value.


Accessible from wherever you need it,   keep on top of issues and risks in your environment.


Engage stakeholders and deliver better planning by demonstrating the value of your planning models across the organisation.


With always-on, comprehensive, automated documentation, never worry about documentation not being a priority again.


Portect yourself from significant key person risk by releasing your environment fro its black box and into a for that everyone understands.


Relax, knowing your up-to-date documentation protects your models from unexpected failure.

Main Features

QUBEdocs allows you to visualise your TM1 models, instantly adding value to all your workflows revolving around Planning Analytics


Automated As-Built Docs

Intelligently reads all TM1 objects exposing all relationships & flows

Visualise Model Dependencies

Drill from top visual level to granular rule & process level

Consistent User Experience

Home page concept

Contextual tabbed UI


Interactive matrixes

Full model search

Model Comparisons

Schedules snapshots

All changes

side by side views

Change reports

Version Repository & deployment planning

Step up your TM1 Ecosystem

By automatically documentating your TM1 models, you will be able to increase their effectiveness on every level of your companies workflow

Take a look at our explanatory videos to QUBEdocs here.

For: QUBEdocs Starter       Duration:1 min

What does the automatic visualisation of the TM1 models look like? An insight into the simplicity of the Model Viewer.

For: QUBEdocs Starter (Cloud)        Duration: 1 min

How do you create the package required for documentation in QUBEdocs Cloud? Instructions for creation in the TM1 Browser.


For: QUBEdocs Starter (Local)        Duration: 1 min

How do you get from the local TM1 model to the automatic documentation in QUBEdocs Local?

For: QUBEdocs Starter (Local)        Duration: 1 min

How do you get from the local TM1 model to the automatic documentation in QUBEdocs Local?

For: QUBEdocs Starter/Advanced         Duration: 2 min

How do tags help to keep track of the model? The possibilities of the individual comment function.


For: Qubedocs Starter/Advanced         Duration: 1 min

How can Applications be used to gain an overview of the actual model applications? An introduction to the Applications function

For: Qubedocs Advanced        Duration: 2 min

How do I create applications and edit related information? Instructions from creating in TM1 Browser to familiarising in QUBEdocs.