Welcome at Steffens PANTA RHEI!


QUBEdocs can be integrated into your TM1 environment as an add-on/plug-in and provides automated documentation of all models.


About your TM1- environment


IBM Planning Analytics is a framework used to build solutions for clients. It has proven to be a standard tool for entrepreneurial planning.


With Panta Rhei Social we offer a Management Information System (MIS) for the social economy. An MIS is a computerised information system and a very useful tool for controlling. It provides the company with information with the help of which it can be directed and controlled.

We are looking for new employees!

Your Profil (Student, Bachelor's degree, FHS or education) current or completed in business, mathematics, computer science. very good knowledge of mathematics Good Excel skills Efficient working with MS Office products Operating system level knowledge - Windows and/or...

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Last Event – TM1 User Day 25.10.22

After a break of 2 years, a TM1 user day will finally take place again, as part of the IBM Data and AI Forum, at the Mediapark, Cologne. Look forward to interesting information such as product innovations, examples of application and exchange with experts.

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