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More details about the survey

The annual study conducted by BARC Institute covers a large number of users with the aim of shedding light on their purchasing decisions, implementation cycles and ultimately the business benefits achieved in detail.
Both business and technical users as well as consulting firms are invited to participate.
BARC declines to sponsor the survey in any form. The results will be analyzed and published neutrally.
The data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on.

Participants will:

– receive an exclusive summary of the survey results,
– participate in a raffle of 10 Amazon vouchers (35€),
– and ensure that their experiences are included in the evaluation.

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QUBEdocs is a TM1 specific solution that documents TM1 models automatically. All objects (no content data) of the TM1 model in the own solution or a cloud solution are extracted, analyzed and documented.


BM Planning Analytics is a framework used to build solutions for clients. It has proven to be a standard tool for business planning.


With Panta Rhei Social, we want to offer concrete solutions for the social economy, thanks to the Management Information System (MIS). An MIS is an IT technical information system. It provides the company with information that can be used to steer the company or for the controlling.