Who will benefit from this in your company?

Watch here the video to your advantages as a TM1 end user. Duration 4 Min.

How does QUBEdocs help to keep track? Illustration of the comment function, the extended search function as well as explanation of the different implementation alternatives.

Watch here the video to your advantages as a TM1 Developer. Duration: 4 Min.

How does QUBEdocs simplify model development and maintenance? The possibilities of Model Statistics, Deployment Planning and DocumentWiki.

What we offer at PANTA RHEI?

With many years of experience in the areas of TM1 and Planning Analytics, the Steffens PANTA RHEI team is in the ideal position to realise your QUBEdocs requirements.

Over the past few years, working closely with the QUBEdocs teams in New Zealand and the USA, we have built up extensive QUBEdocs expertise in the following areas:

  • Detailed knowledge of the wide range of QUBEdocs functionalities
  • Experience with efficient installation and use of QUBEdocs (best practice)
  • own infrastrukture in Europe


Aimed at smaller/simpler TM1 environments

Receive monthly/quarterly snapshots of your model

Offline snapshots are based on the metadata of your model, without reference to the actual model data


Install QUBEdocs Cloud or QUBEdocs Local in your TM1 environment.

Configuration based on your exact requirements (determined in a workshop and POC prior to installation).

Basic training on the most important QUBEdocs functions


learn how to exploit the full potential of QUBEdocs

train all your TM1 users in the use of QUBEdocs

Best practice from years of experience

Individual training for different users

Virtuel and personal Training

Your first Snapshot

For the installation of the QUBEdocs files we only need
a few minutes to half an hour. We need a
TM1/PA administrator to help us, and the technical team at
QUBEdocs will guide you through all the steps. after the
we require a restart of the TM1/PA server to
as soon as possible, so that QUBEdocs can provide the objects

As soon as QUBEdocs is up and running, we will talk to you or a  Technicians from your team to work together to take the snapshot. This process takes time depending on the firewall and Security settings between a few minutes and 45 minutes.

We will then take you through a demo of QUBEdocs,
based on your model to provide you with a visual representation
of your complete TM1/PA model. This meeting will
last about one hour, including time for questions and
answers. After the meeting, we will provide you with the full
documentation of your model.

Get to know QUBEdocs, in your environment

The best way to get to know the Qubedocs platform: our team provides you with a snapshot of one of your TM1/PA environments

Our quick, simple and non-binding offer:

The QUBEdocs team will take a snapshot of one of your TM1/PA environments and document the entire model

We will then take you through a live demonstration of QUBEdocs and the documentation of your model, which you can download free of charge and are allowed to keep.

We give you access to a demo version of QUBEdocs, in one of your TM1/PA environments to get to know the platform.

Of course, we are available to answer your questions during the test phase of the platform and will be happy to help you.

Note: QUBEdocs is a secure solution that takes all TM1/PA metadata and visualises it in our platform. QUBEdocs does not access TM1/PA data, only the metadata level.