Here is a detailed description of Teamviewer


  • You have installed Teamviewer, then call the program, select Meeting and enter the Meeting ID.

You can also participate with an older version. Optimal is the current version, so you can also get the control passed.

  • You can use the Webbrowser (with limited permissions) or the Teamviewer QJ.exe.
  • The download program appears automatically when you click on our Teamviewer link. The same applies if you receive an invitation to the meeting by mail.

This message appears and the following window is displayed at the bottom of the browser:

please click Save at the bottom of the window and then click Run or click Run directly.


  • If you are participating via the web browser, a current version of Adobe Reader is required. You will find the link, if necessary, when you go to the alternative access.

Finally, please enter theMeeting number meeting number you have received and click on Participate . If you participate via a sent link, the meeting number is already filled in.

To participate click on the button.

Meeting via teamviewer