We provide our consulting services on the basis of detailed work programmes, which are tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers. These work programmes form part of the contract. 1 The consulting services actually provided in the course of these work programmes are usually settled on a monthly basis.

We attach particular importance to the involvement of all affected employees of our client. This is done through individual discussions and workshops.

Our customers are supervised not only during, but of course also after completion of a project by us. In our work we always heed the motto “Help for self-help”. 2

In order to provide our customers with comprehensive advice and support, Panta RHEI works with internationally active auditing and tax consulting firms, hardware and software houses as well as business consultants with other focal points together.

Due to the great experience, the good training and the dedicated commitment of the project staff , Panta RHEI is able to identify problem areas and offer appropriate solutions. The project team regularly discusses the current tasks and conditions with all participants.

An important factor for successful consulting projects is the adequate, up-to-date, consistent and understandable documentation. For this reason, we provide our customers a detailed project report.

1 The basis of the order are our general terms and conditions in the valid version.

2 Chinese proverb: Give a starving fish and he is a day satisfied – teach him to fish and he will never starve again.